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Discover the NEW Moroccanoil Color Complete Collection, a revolutionary 360-degree care system that starts in the salon and ends at home. The collection helps you to keep your hair color the best and for the longest time between color sessions and thus safeguards the self-confidence you get from fresh, freshly colored hair.

The last step in the Color Complete regime is the Protect & Prevent Spray. This spray acts as a leave-in conditioner for instant protection against color loss. In addition, it fights the following factors:

• The combination of antioxidants in this ultimate color protector helps neutralize even the most aggressive free radicals from UV light, pollution and other environmental stressors.

• Helps protect against external influences such as UV light and environmental pollution.

• Protects against damage from heat styling and the sun.

• The power of ArganID ™ micro-encapsulated technology ensures that hair cuticles are repaired and closed, and hair color locked in.

Protect & Prevent Spray also works as a weightless detangling spray for soft, well-groomed strands with an extra reflective shine.

As with skin care, the Color Complete Collection consists of a complete system. Several mechanisms have been applied that focus specifically on the care of the color and that are incorporated in several products, for an optimal
operation. The result? After 10 washes, the Moroccanoil Color Complete Collection has been scientifically proven to extend the life and color vibrancy by 100%. *

* Based on clinical tests conducted on human hair.